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Outlaw Trails

Adventure Around Every Corner

Explore Outlaw Trail!


3 Hour Minimum

ATV Rentals and Guided Tour Rates

  • $285 per vehicle for 3-hour minimum
  • $98 to ride with the guide (Available only when other group members are renting an ATV.


Are you an outlaw? Heard of Butch Cassidy or The Sundance Kid? (One of The Wild Bunch Gang). On this trail we tell tales of Josie’s Cabin also known as Robbers Roost where Josie cared for famous outlaws. In fact, she had been charged with crimes like cattle rustling and murder herself! This hidden cabin gave outlaws a place to stay where they could recuperate and hideout. Now, even more awe-inspiring is how close we are to Dinosaur National Monument. From the trail we can SEE it… just across the river and within a rock’s throw! We also pass by the beautiful and adventurous Green River known for world-class river-rafting and fishing. Along the way you’ll see petroglyphs up close. We take you on exciting trailways varying in terrain anywhere from red dirt to rock to sand to water. At the end. you can take a short 1/4 mile hike down into a crevice where you’ll see more historic petroglyphs. You could also take this opportunity for more photos with the variety of topography, terrain and rock formations surrounding us. This trail is filled with wild stories, amazing views, history and fun.

Doc's Beach

Three different trails at Doc's beach means regardless of your skill level, Doc's has something for you.

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Moonshine Arch

Take in views of Steinaker State Park on the way to this grand sandstone natural arch hidden in the cliffs just north of Vernal.

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Ashley Gorge

As we make our way through the high elevations of the High Uintas you'll be overlooking a massive 2,000 foot drop to the bottom of Ashely Gorge on Taylor Mountain.

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Outlaw Trail

 On this trail we tell tales of Josie's Cabin also known as Robbers Roost where Josie cared for famous outlaws.

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Asphalt Ridge

Once you make it to the top of Asphalt Ridge you'll be rewarded with overlooking vistas of March Peak to the Book Cliffs.

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Flintstone Canyon

Amazing Terrain Unlike Any Other

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